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Emotional Intelligence decoded for you

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Meet Katerina Levanttar


Katerina's career began on Wall Street in New York City, where the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) was seldom mentioned and feelings had little room.

Fast forward two decades, and she is focused on reintroducing the EQ knowledge she acquired to the very environment she once left in pursuit of a more balanced life flow.

Drawing upon her expertise and hands-on experience in emotional intelligence, sound therapy, NLP-based meditation, ASMR storytelling, trauma-informed yoga, and energy scanning, Katerina approaches her EQ practice with a foundation of compassion and deep understanding of the influence of previous experiences, patterns, and beliefs on our current selves.

Katerina's vision for her work with C-Suite and management professionals is to equip people with the tools to transform the way businesses perceive their talent, fostering a safe environment for optimal employee performance, which in turn ripples out to elevate the organization's success to new heights.

This, she believes, is the path to the future.

What IS Emotional Intelligence and why is it worth your attention?

We are in the new world. Old ways of running business are simply outdated. You as a business owner or management professional most likely never even thought about the reasons behind the absence of these skills. And that's perfectly acceptable, since you are finding yourself here searching for answers and reading these words.


Emotional Intelligence is the ability to manage ENERGY. Recognizing that you are  energy and therefore are constantly emitting signals to the outside world as well as receiving them from the outside world is a big step toward a happier and more aware living. The ability to discern and skillfully manage these signals is what separates the empowered from an average. Are you ready to tap into your full potential and learn to see beyond the flat surface? If so, let's start. 


The structure of our consulting blueprint is listed below. It will be tailored to align with the unique requirements of your business or role:

1. Goal setting - define clear objectives for the organization and individual in the framework of consulting 

2. Participants selection - determine members of the organization to be included in group or one-on-one consulting

3. Interviewing - determine roadblocks, personality types, blind spots

4. Solutions and practice assignments - create tailored assignments for each participant/team

5. Review and fine tune - gather participants observations, team members feedback and fine tune for the next round of learning

Start Your Journey to Becoming the Most Successful You



5-hour Package
$1,300 USD
Deep dive into blind spots, patterns, beliefs, self-regulation, relationship building.


1 hour session 
$300 USD

Suitable for all levels of professionals, from C-Suite to individual team members.


Various options are available from on-site consulting to virtual sessions and team building getaways.


When you are with Katerina it is evident that her healing magic is rooted in her deep devotion to bringing more light, creativity, & healing into the world. My session with Katerina was so powerful that I scheduled one more. Thank you Katerina. Many blessings.

Connie | Apr 8, 2022

Katerina offered a unique experience that contributes to my own path of healing. She provided a safe structure to explore deep and evocative memories and emotions through the vehicle of her sound composition. I heartily recommend her guidance and expertise to anyone looking to explore underneath the surface of things.

Dave | Jun 22, 2022

I really want to thank you for yesterday. After I left I cried a lot but my girlfriend supported me and after I felt so much lighter. I thought a lot about it and the lessons I've learnt. Today I woke up with back pain and a headache but I've felt more relaxed and relieved. Thank you so much. For the safe place. So beautiful what you give to people. I'm taking this feeling of softness with me home. I feel like you connected me with my inner child. Very special and helpful. I wish you the best beautiful woman.

Magrit | Jan 3, 2022


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