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Raising vibration of the collective one human at a time



Katerina Levanttar

Katerina has been described as a high priestess by one of her dear friends.


She is a philosopher, writer, artist, speaker, sonic storyteller and strategic advisor. She perceives and tunes human energy.


She is passionate about inspiring the world to recognize beauty, to shift realities, to create the life beyond the imaginable, to live to the fullest in the present moment, not waiting for things to fall apart or for someone to face the end of their journey.


for the Masculine

A monthly subscription offers deep work that connects men to their inner power, transforming the potential they carry into a confident, beautiful masculinity.

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Sonic Storytelling

Katerina's signature sonic experiences serve as an opening for EQ advisory work or as a stand alone practice for humans to gather in one place and collectively raise the vibration of the whole by resetting the nervous system, connecting to the deep states of joy, compassion, love and peace.



Katerina speaks on subjects of love and fear, loneliness, power of sound, blind spots, boundaries, healthy masculinity, emotional intelligence, mysticism, and human energy.

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Emotional Intelligence


Using the latest research and techniques from the science of EQ, Katerina advises business owners, C-Suite and upper management on incorporating emotionally intelligent practices into the management of an organization to create a healthier, more purposeful and more productive environment.

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