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Why Sound?

Meditative Sonic Journey is an practice of going into the inner landscape of self using overtone-emitting instruments (gongs, singing bowls, chimes, shakers, tuning forks, etc.). These rich overtones affect the brainwave cycles, neurochemistry, autonomic nervous system, heart-rate variability, and subtle energy in the body. This sonic experience sets the stage for a deep, meditative and unique altered state of consciousness allowing us to disconnect from physical, mental, emotional and psychological habitual patterns.


How does it work?

During Sonic practice we use the vibrations of sound in a therapeutic manner to enhance the body’s natural ability to heal itself and to promote personal growth and development.


The basic premise of this practice is that ALL existence is vibratory in nature, and therefore it is the underlying vibratory field that sustains and imbues everything that exists with structure and form.


The driving force of all healing processes is consciousness, an unexplained fundamental manifestation of the Universe that influences the nature and structure of existence by its effect on the behavior of sub-atomic particles. Sound is a perfect tool for healing practices as well as personal development because it mimics the nature of existence and affects individuals at all levels: anatomically, physiologically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.



1-hour sonic journey
$110 USD per person (8 people min)
Group sonic meditative journey which includes pre and post experience integration and sharing


1 hour sonic journey
$150 USD

In-person sonic meditative journey

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